Affiliate Membership

What is an Affiliate Member? Our bylaws describe affiliate membership as an individual or organization who is not a member of a medical office, but who has an interest in or provides services to medical business management. An affiliate member:

  • May hold one Board position.

  • May vote on matters brought before the membership.

  • May sponsor meetings for an additional cost – i.e. have logo on printed materials distributed at the meeting and as part of all communication regarding the meeting.

  • Ability to distribute marketing e-mails via the VTMGMA board Immediate Past President. Distribution would be at the discretion of the VTMGMA board.

What are the Advantages of Affiliate Membership? The principal advantage is having easy access to managers of medical practices in Vermont. These individuals typically have broad decision-making responsibilities for day-to-day operations.

  • Attendance at member meetings for 2 individuals from your organization with lunch included.

  • May set up display table at meetings.

  • Networking opportunities with members at meetings.

  • Company LOGO and link on VTMGMA website (

  • Annual brief presentation at a member meeting.

Cost. Annual dues are $250 per calendar year.

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