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    Affiliate Membership/Vendor Partner

    What is VTMGMA? We are a statewide organization whose mission is to enhance the health care management profession by providing networking opportunities with other health care professionals, timely information, and professional training and education. We are a Vermont nonprofit corporation established in 2005. We currently have over 50 members located throughout Vermont.

    What is an Affiliate Member? Our bylaws describe affiliate membership as an individual or organization who is not a member of a medical office, but who has an interest in or provides services to medical business management. An affiliate member:

    • May hold one Board position.

    • May vote on matters brought before the membership.

    • May sponsor meetings for an additional cost – i.e. have logo on printed materials distributed at the meeting and as part of all communication regarding the meeting.

    • Ability to distribute marketing e-mails via the VTMGMA board Immediate Past President. Distribution would be at the discretion of the VTMGMA board.

    What are the Advantages of Affiliate Membership? The principal advantage is having easy access to managers of medical practices in Vermont. These individuals typically have broad decision-making responsibilities for day-to-day operations.

    • Attendance at member meetings for 2 individuals from your organization with lunch included.

    • May set up display table at meetings.

    • Networking opportunities with members at meetings.

    • Company LOGO and link on VTMGMA website (

    • Annual brief presentation at a member meeting.

    Cost. Annual dues are $500 per calendar year.

    Questions? Feel free to contact any of our Board Members:

    Greta Irwin, President (520) 43-8508

    Vicki Porter, Vice President (802) 233-9043

    Nick Jaidar, Treasurer (310) 804-7560

    Rosemary Christie, Secretary (802) 860-6725

    Ellen Tantlinger, Past President (802) 864-7483

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    Top Ten Member Benefits

    Thank you for your interest in the Vermont Medical Group Management Association. The VTMGMA represents a diverse membership of administrators and business executives from a wide range of venues, private medical practices, dentistry, Physical Therapy, multi-specialty groups to hospitals and healthcare related business.

    It is VTMGMA’s mission to provide opportunities for education, networking and advocacy to advance the medical group management profession and positively influence the health care industry.

    VTMGMA is your resource for all things important to the success of your practice or business. Offering the same benefits of the national MGMA, the VTMGMA tailors its programming and education to meet the local and regional focus important to members of Vermont.

    Whether you’re a small medical practice, multispecialty group or hospital, the VTMGMA can meet your needs. Check out just some of the reasons for being part of a growing and supportive team.

    1. Growth. Membership in VTMGMA offers the opportunity for personal and professional growth making you a more valuable asset to your practice.

    2. Education. VTMGMA offers educational opportunities for you and your staff on topics such as billing and coding, customer service and reimbursement. These opportunities include 4 yearly conferences on topics of importance to you as a practice manager.

    3. Networking. With a network of managers across the State of Vermont VTMGMA offers you the opportunity to meet fellow healthcare and business professionals with whom you can share knowledge and ideas as well as learn best practices from others to make your practice more successful.

    4. Information. VTMGMA is your resource for information on all topics related to practice management, government affairs, and technology. Maximize your VTMGMA membership through links to the national MGMA, providing information of strategic importance to your practice such as the Annual Wage and Salary Survey.

    5. Marketing. VTMGMA offers you the opportunity to market your practice and/or service through our website,, featuring a member’s only website and membership directory.

    6. Leadership. VTMGMA offers you the opportunity to become involved in shaping the activity of the organization through membership on the board or committees. Also develop your personal leadership potential by becoming a fellow in the American College of Medical Practice Executives.

    7. Collaboration. VTMGMA works closely with the national MGMA, the Vermont State Medical Society and local and county medical societies on issues that matter to you and your practice such as the Medicare reimbursement and local, state and national legislative issues and initiatives. Major insurance carriers send their representatives to every meeting to answer your questions and give us current updates

    8. Access. VTMGMA members learn about new products and services offered by our Affiliate membership that can assist you in EHR research and implementation, insurance as well as several other services.

    9. Friendships. Meet your peers and form lasting relationships. Finally meet people who know everyday issues you are dealing with. In our roundtable discussions ideas and solutions are provided that can make you more successful.

    10. Success. Membership in the Vermont Medical Group Management provides access to a wide variety of services that can help you ensure your practice continued success.

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    •  MGMA and its State Organizations share a primary obligation to serve the lifelong professional needs of their collective memberships by delivering products and services of the highest quality and communicating directly with their respective members.
    • MGMA and its State Organizations will strive collectively and individually to elevate the performance of medical practice leaders and their organizations.
    • MGMA and its State Organizations will strive collectively and individually to maintain and advance the standards of ethics and professional practice in the medical practice nationally, regionally and locally, and enhance the reputation and value of MGMA, State Organizations, ACMPE certification and the profession.
    •  MGMA and its State Organizations should cultivate operating environments of mutual trust and respect towards one another and their members and stakeholders, foster open communication and, with due regard for inherent confidentiality of subject matter, exercise governance and decision making responsibilities with appropriate levels of transparency.
    • Notwithstanding the corporate separateness of MGMA and its State Organization and their respective rights to make their own decisions, MGMA and its State Organizations share a mutual commitment to the MGMA mission. As “partners” in advancing the mission, each should be willing to consider input from the other, mutual benefit and external impact of its actions. But on matters of MGMA policy or implementation of MGMA policy, MGMA should base its decisions on what it believes best advances MGMA as a national association, and State Organizations should align their actions and decisions with MGMA national policy.
    • Bearing in mind that MGMA’s State Organizations’ primary allegiance is to MGMA and their primary mission is to support MGMA’s mission, MGMA and its State Organizations should respect each other’s right to engage in and support activities that further their respective missions and/or provide benefits that support their respective organizations. But State Organizations’ engagement in or support for activities outside the MGMA mission should in no case conflict with or detract from MGMA’s mission or MGMA’s activities or initiatives or otherwise divide their loyalty to MGMA. MGMA will work with State Organizations to avoid their duplication of MGMA products and services and to coordinate development/offering of complimentary products and services to meet market demand.
    • MGMA and its State Organizations will each operate in a financially prudent manner and do all things necessary to preserve its corporate existence and operate in compliance at all times with its respective duties and responsibilities under all laws, regulations, rules, policies, agreements, fiduciary relationships and the like binding or affecting its organization and will do so in a manner that is open and, as appropriate, transparent to its members.

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